I offer the sessions that are most fun for Me. They are listed below. Send $50 to begin. Alternate payment methods can be found here. Then contact via email [email protected] or twitter here.

text chat

$40/day, $100/week

Femdom, fetish, unusual or extreme chat welcome. No vanilla, no JOI.

phone calls

$5-10 per minute

Check My Niteflirt, follow Me, then ask to turn My lines on if they are not currently.

computer control

$50/session, $100/weekly control

I enter your computer via Anydesk or Teamviewer, and either:

1) browse files and web history,

2) online shop with a pre-agreed upon amount,

3) install parental control software,

4) install viruses that are temporary, or

5) break your computer fully ($500 fee).

anti-porn software

$50/install fee & 1 week control

Just want Me to install some parental control software to your phone or PC? This can vary in intensity but usually ends in you not accessing anything ‘fun’ besides My websites…..

debt contract

$50-100 weekly payments

Jyou sign a financial debt contract that says you pay Me a certain amount per week until a total agreed-upon debt is paid. You send ID and other collateral to begin. $50 week minimum, $200, 500, 1000, and 2500 contracts available.

goon sesh

$100 per day

let’s talk while I humiliate you and encourage you to buy My media, go mindless, and absorb My goon fuel.

This is more intense than a regular chat session, which you may use to ask to prepare for a bigger session.



this includes My choosing a cage for you if you do not have your own. I will expect you to have disposable locks available for random check-ins 24/7. Release time can be negotiated.


applicants must be docile. Budget ot $100+ to begin. Apply within.

cam sessions can be arranged for $150+ at my leisure. wonder if I offer something else? contact me directly.

order custom videos here